There has been a growing recognition in the Champs Collaborative that SLI underpins all of its work. Champs now operates an explicit SLI approach to accelerate improvements in quality and outcomes and the approach is based on:

  • a culture of openness, learning, testing and sharing across the Collaborative.
  • a variety of tested methods and approaches.

Methods include:

  • Benchmarking performance.
  • Reviewing the latest evidence and guidance.
  • Analysing data (including economic analysis) and developing common data-sets.
  • Planning and evaluating projects.
  • Focusing on learning including continuing professional development.
  • Providing opportunities for expert panels to peer review and challenge.
  • Sharing best practice of “what works” through newsletters, workshops, conferences, website and social media.
  • Bringing in national and international experts.

Recent improvement programmes include the following:

  • Employment and skills. Producing two reports on workplace health and health related worklessness to support the local authorities’ CEOs outlining the evidence base, benchmarking of a number of national and local indicators and inclusion of a number of recommendations for action.
  • NO MORE Suicide. Working collaboratively to become the first sub region to become Suicide Safer Communities accredited. Implementation of a standardised framework for monitoring suicides across all areas. Introduction of Real Time Surveillance to enable local areas to respond quickly by identifying clusters and instigating a community response plan.
  • Mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. Delivering and evaluating an innovative train the trainer model to build resilience at scale. Implementing a joint programme with Directors of Children’s services on self-harm in children and young people underpinned by an evidence review, benchmarking of national and local data and set of recommendations for action.  
  • C&M’s five-year blood pressure (BP) strategy. Implementing the strategy which is recognised as international good practice and is underpinned by an indicator dashboard. Improvements include developing the cross-sector workforce, embedding BP in Fire and Rescue Service Safe and Well checks, piloting community-based health technologies, sharing awareness raising campaigns. Compilation of a BP Annual report, celebrating the significant progress made against objectives during the first year and outlining the future focus.
  • Collaborative commissioning. Commissioning a collaborative suicide liaison service including benchmarking return on investment, development of shared service specifications and evidence reviews. Other themes include integrated sexual health service, tobacco control and medicines management.

Champs provides the ADPH sub-regional SLI lead for Cheshire and Merseyside. A key advantage of the Champs approach is that it is flexible, can respond to emerging priorities and is genuinely focused on learning to accelerate improvements in outcomes.

You can view the latest presentation on Sector Led Improvement here