Based on the successful Connect 5 mental wellbeing training programme, Youth Connect 5 is a training programme that will support parents and carers across Cheshire and Merseyside with knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them - and their children - to develop resilience and emotional wellbeing.

Funded by Champs Public Health Collaborative through a bid made to Health Education England, the programme, delivered by Merseyside Youth Association, will deliver a five-part course to parents/carers that will:

  • Build upon parents’ and carers’ knowledge, empathy, skills and attributes to promote and strengthen children and young people’s resilience and emotional wellbeing
  • Strengthen parents’ and carers’ own levels of resilience
  • Increase confidence and ability to explore different ways to support their children; and
  • Improve/enhance relationships parent/child  have with their children

The courses will also ensure parents and carers are familiar with how to access information, support and services.

How will the training programme work?

Using a "train the trainer" model, relevant members of the professional workforce will be trained initially and then be expected to deliver two five-part courses to parents in their area.

Key members of the workforce could include professionals working closely with children and young people, and their families, including:

  • Teachers
  • Social workers
  • Youth workers
  • Children’s Centres
  • Public health specialists
  • Family and parenting services
  • College support services
  • School nurses/Mental health leads
  • Employers

To visit the dedicated Youth Connect 5 website:

Click here to view the Youth Connect 5 information video.

Click here to view an information poster on Youth Connect 5.

To find out more, please read the briefing document for public health teams and CCGs.

A briefing document has been produced for Local Authorities and Elected Members.

If you are a professional interested in volunteering for the training (line manager permission is required), please read the commitment required in the briefing. You can express your interest by sending an enquiry to the organisation providing the training using the contact form below.

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