Assessor and verifier information and resources

Regional UKPHR Practitioner schemes encourage applications from senior members of the public health workforce to carry out the assessor and verifier roles. These roles are highly flexible, online and full training is provided by UKPHR. Both roles contribute to your CPD, and are recognised by FPH and UKPHR for revalidation and recording of CPD points.

The number of practitioners a scheme is able to support is entirely dependant on the size of the assessor/verifier team so we aim to have as many people as possible in these teams to allow for flexibility of each person during busy times. For both roles, you are able to defer your contribution if your workload is too great at any given time.

Becoming an assessor

This role involves assessing the 3 commentaries which make up a portfolio. Practitioners work across all domains of public health and it is interesting to see how the core public health competencies are applied in each domain. Each commentary is submitted approximately every 2-3 months, so there is a good degree of flexibility in assessment time. Assessment takes place via a web based E Portfolio portal which can be accessed from most systems. Assessors are senior members of the public health workforce (Skills for Health level 7 and above), registered practitioners or registrars at level St 3 and above.

Training consists of 3 half-day online interactive workshops and is provided by UKPHR Moderators. Full support is offered by the scheme coordinator and assessors are linked via a Hub professional network to provide additional peer support.  Please click here for Role information and application form.

Becoming a verifier

The verifier role is part of the quality assurance process for the scheme. Verifiers meet as a panel approximately 3 times per year and prior to the panel, will be asked to sample standards from a portfolio and comment on the assessment and suitability of the candidate for UKPHR registration. Consultants in public health with 2 years standing are invited to apply for the role. Please click here for Role information and Application form.