As of Wednesday 14 October 2020: 654,644 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the UK (pillar 1 and 2) and there have been 43,155 deaths. Further information on the data is available here:

Appeal for contact tracers to be involved in ‘Faces of NHS Test and Trace’ social media series

NHS Test and Trace are looking for local contact tracers to be involved in a new social media series ‘Faces of NHS Test and Trace’. It’s an opportunity for areas that have ‘Local Tracing Partnerships’ (formerly Locally Supported Contact Tracing teams) to bring the system to life for the public by showcasing the important work they do alongside the national system. The team are looking for:

  • Heads of Local Tracing Partnership teams to explain how they take on the local contact tracing work, how it works, how they manage the team to work on this
  • A local contact tracer who has experience of taking on different tactics to suit the local community e.g. going door to door
  • Someone who makes use of a unique skill to do local contact tracing, e.g. languages
  • DsPH who are willing to be filmed by the team, explaining how the local system works and why it’s crucial in controlling the pandemic

Please reach out to your Local Tracing Partnership teams and contact us if colleagues are willing to take part.

Local COVID Alert Level Posters

A series of graphical posters displaying information about the Local COVID Alert Level.


Please continue to promote this blog explaining how self-isolating protects your friends, family and community.


Updates to Surveillance Reports and Dashboard

Information, advice and guidance

Marketing and communications materials

Local COVID Alert Level Posters

A series of graphical posters displaying information about the Local COVID Alert Level.

The NHS COVID-19 App

The NHS COVID-19 App is part of the large scale coronavirus (COVID-19) testing and contact tracing programme, NHS Test and Trace. The app will be used, alongside traditional contact tracing, to notify users if they come into contact with someone who later tests positive for coronavirus. Assets are now available to download from the Campaign Resource Centre (see further information also below from previous updates).

  • Additional translations and co-branded assets including explainer video content, posters, social statics, web banners and email signatures
  • Big App Download Weekend social statics for promotion for this weekend
  • TV Ad – 60 and 30 second cut downs and subtitled versions
  • Alternative resources

Customer Logging Toolkit

  • New posters to promote use of the app and the legal obligations for certain locations to collect customer details

Public facing flu vaccination campaign

The flu virus kills 11,000 people and hospitalises tens of thousands more in England in an average year. But this is anything but an average year. That is why Public Health England is launching an expanded flu vaccination campaign targeting the 30 million people eligible for a free vaccine this year.

To introduce to the campaign, PHE has created a campaign brief. It reviews the campaign background, campaign narrative, creative approach and suggested ways partners can engage. PHE has also released new a static social media asset and new A4 posters – available for download, print at home and open artwork for professional users of the Campaign Resource Centre.

  • The campaign toolkit is now live on the CRC
  • Generic posters, as well as posters for the following three eligible groups - Pregnant women; those with long term health conditions; 2 to 3 year olds – are now available
  • Physical campaign resource packs are expected to arrive with GPs and Pharmacies from 9 October.

Health & Social Care Workers Flu Immunisations Resources

Communications Toolkit - Flu vaccination campaign for health and social care workers

Hands, Face, Space

Information on the Hands, Face, Space campaign is available here and campaign assets are also now available on the PHE Campaign Resource Centre:

Back To Higher Education – Young people focus


Social statics

Web banners

Email signatures

Co-branded poster

New CRC assets

  • Ashura social media posts including a number of translations (Urdu, Farsi, English and Arabic)
  • Translated ‘Youth’ and ‘Consequences’ animated social media
  • Translated ‘Symptoms’ animated social media
  • Social media animations with a disability focus
  • New Action Cards from the Joint Biosecurity Centre about Reporting an Outbreak
  • Safe travel to school social media assets as part of the Back to School campaign
  • Additional social media Stay Alert assets including safe travel advice
  • A new coronavirus convalescent plasma campaign  which asks people who’ve recovered from coronavirus to donate plasma, which could save lives. The campaign is a priority for the Department of Health and Social Care and convalescent plasma could be a vital additional treatment for hospitals around the country in the future. The toolkit includes; posters, social media resources and web banners

e-Bug resources for schools

The Department for Education have recently published “Guidance for full opening: schools”, recommending Public Health England’s free infection prevention education resource ‘e-Bug’. Use e-Bug to prepare for the full opening of Schools in September by:

  • Completing free e-learning to improve knowledge and confidence to teach children and young people about microbes and how to prevent the spread of infection
  • Displaying ‘Hand hygiene’ and ‘Cover coughs and sneezes’ posters in bathrooms, handwashing stations, classrooms and shared spaces
  • Sharing “My Back to School Bubble” e-storybook for parents/carers to read with younger children to help them understand new COVID-19 protective measures and tackle anxiety about returning to school
  • Using lesson plans/activities to teach about hand and respiratory hygiene in an engaging and age-appropriate way

All resources are free and can be accessed from e-Bug’s COVID-19 webpage.

Return to School

NHS Test and Trace

Various resources for different settings featuring a new creative:

Local outbreak toolkit

Translated versions of the ‘informative’ posters featuring messaging for working from home, limiting contact, keeping a safe distance, self-isolating when alerted and handwashing are now available from the Campaign Resource Centre (please note you will need to be logged-in to access these and only available to users with a or email address). They include the following  languages:

  • Somali
  • Slovak
  • Punjabi (Pakistan)
  • Polish
  • Urdu

New translations of the above posters, including Bengali and Hindi, are now available to all partners (non-localisable).  We also have additional translations for the local outbreak toolkit, in Hindi. These are customisable and available only to our professional users.