These pages refer to projects carried out to 2013 under the former ChaMPs Public Heatlh Network and the projects are now closed. Information has been retained on the Champs website for reference purposes.  Job roles, contact details and other information may be out of date.

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ChaMPs led on and supported a number of other topic based programmes across Cheshire and Merseyside. These included:

  • Cancer and health inequalities

    Working alongside the Merseyside and Cheshire Cancer Network (MCCN), the Cancer & Health inequalities programme worked to implement a cancer early detection and prevention strategy to assist Cheshire & Merseyside PCTs. The aim of the programme was to deliver cancer early detection initiatives and improve uptake of the national cancer screening programmes. For more information visit the Merseyside and Cheshire Cancer Network website

  • CVD and stroke

    Working collaboratively with the Cheshire & Merseyside Cardiac and Stroke Network, the CVD and Stroke programme focused on the coordination and implementation of Health Checks across Cheshire and Merseyside. In addition to providing public health expertise to support the Vascular services review. For more information visit the Cheshire & Merseyside Cardiac and Stroke Network website. Links C&M Cardiac and Stroke Network    

  • Health Protection

    Working in conjunction with the Health Protection Unit for Cheshire & Merseyside led by Sam Ghebrehewet, the ChaMPs health protection programme worked to minimise the impact of infectious diseases in hospitals, care homes, primary care and population. For more information visit the Health Protection Agency's website. Links Health Protection Agency  

  • Tobacco

    The ChaMPs tobacco control programme aimed to protect children and young people from tobacco use and second hand smoke exposure, from conception to adulthood. It also supported the development of strategies to regulate and restrict the supply of tobacco products and also to help smokers quit. This programme was led by Heart of Mersey in collaboration with Tobacco Free Futures  Links Heart of Mersey Tobacco Free Futures NICE Guidance Preventing the uptake of smoking by children and young people Local Government PH Briefings NICE PH Guidance on Smokeless tobacco cessation: South Asian communities NICE pathway guidance