The Cheshire & Merseyside Mental Health and Wellbeing Leads Group with partners have reviewed the evidence to determine where the greatest effect can be made on this important area of work and an action plan to improve mental health and wellbeing for children across Cheshire & Merseyside is being implemented.

Two workstreams under this priority are:

  • Building children's resilience at scale - Youth Connect 5
  • Self Harm

The aim of Youth Connect 5 is for families and carers to gain the understanding, knowledge, skills and tools to support and promote resilience and wellbeing for their children. A Youth Connect 5 targeted approach to more vulnerable children has been developed following considerable interest and requests from groups outside the original target groups of parents and carers.

This Self Harm programme of work is a joint programme with Directors of Children's Services aimed at reducing self harm. The workstream has a task group of strategic leaders who will review a Case for Change report and determine reccommendations.

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