Integrated Contact Tracing

The Vision

Cheshire and Merseyside’s Integrated Contact Tracing (ICT) Pilot seeks to enable the local, regional, and national contact tracing systems and functions to work effectively as ‘one team’, that will work flexibly across the subregion’s nine local authority areas to provide excellent contact tracing for local people. The team will build upon the already-existing experience and expertise in the system to help manage outbreaks of COVID-19, as well as other transmissible infections.  

This pilot is being led by the subregion’s Directors of Public Health, working together as the Champs Public Health Collaborative, with funding from the Department of Health and Social Care.

This work is not starting from scratch. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cheshire and Merseyside has benefitted from an Integrated Contact Tracing Hub, that was established and co-managed with Public Health England (now the UK Health Security Agency). Since its inception, the Hub has worked specifically with settings, which require more intensive support, and will continue to do so within this new team, as new models are explored.

The overriding ambition is to have a well-resourced, flexible, resilient, and sustainable system, functioning at local and subregional level, enabled by a skilled and motivated workforce, that will keep our communities safe.

Why is it important?

  • As the COVID-19 pandemic becomes endemic, there is a need for ongoing containment of the disease, as well as support and guidance being given to local people and businesses
  • A robust health protection system is also needed to withstand yearly winter pressures and protect lives and livelihoods; ensuring local communities, the economy and NHS services are able to withstand whatever may come
  • A local approach to contact tracing will be better managed, more cost-effective and provide a better service to people who live and work in the area
  • A local team of contact tracers, who are embedded in the local area, are more likely to be successful than a centralised team based in another part of the country

What are we doing?

The Integrated Contact Tracing (ICT) Pilot received significant funding from the Department of Health and Social care and started this work in August 2021. The Programme will run until August 2022, and is broken down into a number of workstreams: 

  • Design Working Group 
  • Workforce Development 
  • Information Management and Technology 
  • Support for Self-Isolation Pilot
  • Communications and Engagement 
  • Evaluation

Partner Updates

Regular updates on this Programme can be found in Collaborate, the Collaborative’s monthly stakeholder newsletter. As well as this, a regular Partner Update will provide the latest news and updates for Partners to read and share. Please find previous Partner Updates below. 


Strategic leadership and oversight for this Programme is provided by Cheshire and Merseyside’s Directors of Public Health.

The Lead Director of Public Health for Contact Tracing is Julie Webster, DPH for Wirral. An Integrated Contact Tracing Strategic Programme Board, made up of local authorities, the UK Health Security Agency and the Department for Health and Social Care, is chaired by Julie.

More information

The Strategic Lead for this work is Terry Whalley, who chairs the Integrated Contact Tracing Steering Group. Terry manages the day-to-day functioning of the pilot and reports to Directors of Public Health on a regular basis.

The Project Support Officer for this Programme is Barbara Fromson. You can contact Barbara by emailing

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