These pages refer to projects carried out to March 2015 under the former Champs Public Health Collaborative Service and the projects are now closed. Information has been retained on the Champs website for reference purposes.  Job roles, contact details and other information may be out of date.

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Champs has produced a briefing on Measuring Mental Wellbeing and is also encouraging people to use sWEMWBS through the Champs WEMWBS Challenge.

There is also an excel worksheet for users to input their WEMWBS data into and it will calculate your mean scores and meaningful change.

SWEMWBS template
WEMWBS template

The worksheets were introduced at the champs workshop on March 6th 2013 to support network members in using and analysing WEMWBS to measure the impact of their interventions in improving mental wellbeing.

The workshop was based on the 


User guide
workshop presentation

A baseline for mental wellbeing across Cheshire & Merseyside was established in 2009 with the North West Mental Wellbeing Survey. This used the short Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (sWEMWBS) plus 44 questions on other aspects of wellbeing. A random sample of people in each locality were interviewed which produced a baseline for all localities in Cheshire and Merseyside.

This means that sWEMWBS can be used again to measure progress over time and also used with intervention groups to measure improvement and comparison to the local and regional average. If the full 14-item scale is used then adjustment can be made through a simple calculation.


Further analysis has been undertaken on:
What influences wellbeing
Profiles of wellbeing
Focus on ethnicity
Employment and resilience

For more information on WEMWBS or to request permission to use it see  


The Public Health Outcomes Framework (Department of Health 2012) includes an indicator on subjective wellbeing, and uses (s)WEMWBS to measure this. There are a number of other indicators within the framework that relate to mental health and wellbeing. Equally, there are related indicators in the NHS Outcomes Framework and the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework. The outcomes of all these frameworks together with the relevant mental health and wellbeing indicators have been summarised in the document Mental Health & Wellbeing Outcome Framework.