These pages refer to projects carried out to March 2015 under the former Champs Public Health Collaborative Service and the projects are now closed. Information has been retained on the Champs website for reference purposes.  Job roles, contact details and other information may be out of date.

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This piece of work was led by Ifeoma Onyia, Consultant in Public Health for Halton Borough Council and produced two separate PGDs, one for Levonorgestrel and one for Ulipristal Acetate (both PGDs will expire on 31st March 2016). The completed PGDs have been forwarded to the Local Authorities across Cheshire and Merseyside along with a local authorisation guidance document regarding authorisation and implementation. A generic consultation pro-forma has also been developed with commissioners and clinicians to be used alongside the PGD's.

Copies of the PGDs are available via the NHS National PGD website.

For further information regarding the PGDs please contact Ifeoma Onyia ( or Adam Major (