About Us

Champs Public Health Collaborative (Champs) has developed a comprehensive and systematic approach to improving public health priorities by large scale action and working together as system leaders across Cheshire & Merseyside (C&M).

Champs is a long-standing collaborative of nine Directors of Public Health (DsPH) and their teams serving 2.5 million people in C&M, who also have a strategic influencing role within the Liverpool City Region combined authority and the Cheshire & Warrington sub-region.

Working to the ethos of ‘collaborative action, local impact’, Champs tackles a number of priorities, agreed with Public Health England and NHS England, that are common to every area and where progress can be best made through collective action.

The Collaborative’s purpose is to energise the whole system and influence strategic partnerships to focus on prevention, health inequalities and use of the best data and evidence. DsPH have adopted lead roles working on behalf of each other across the sub-region.

System Leadership/Partners

In addition to their lead roles on various Collaborative priorities and workstreams, the Directors of Public Health act as system leaders for public health, taking lead roles on behalf of each other, working with partners such as Public Health England, NHS England and North West Coast Strategic Clinical Network.

Strategic Partnerships

The Cheshire & Merseyside Directors of Public Health Executive Board reports to the nine local authority Chief Executives. Kath O’Dwyer is Lead Chief Executive for health and wellbeing in Liverpool City Region.

Cheshire & Warrington Sub-regional Leaders Board

Cheshire & Warrington (C&W) has a multi-agency Chief Executive Management and Leaders Board supported by the Public Service Transformation (PST) Board. C&W DsPH have a place on the PST Board and provide regular updates and also to the Chief Executive Management and Leaders Board, advising on key public health issues.

Liverpool City Region

Liverpool City Region (LCR) has an established Combined Authority to provide strategic governance and support economic growth. LCR DsPH meet regularly with the lead Chief Executive, Kath O’Dwyer to discuss progress and strategic opportunities for collaboration.


Leadership and decision making are facilitated through the nine Directors of Public Health, who make up an Executive Board. The Executive Board is chaired by each of the Directors of Public Health in rotation.

The Executive Board is supported by a Leadership Group, chaired jointly by the Director of Public Health for the host organisation, Wirral Council and the Chair of the Executive Board, which oversees the business functions of the Collaborative.

The Executive Board meet three times per year and meet for monthly system leadership meetings in between where the Centre Director for Public Health England North West and the Head of Public Health for NHS England in Cheshire & Merseyside are also in attendance.

Marmot Community

The Directors of Public Health for Cheshire & Merseyside work closely with the Cheshire & Merseyside Health and Care Partnership (C&M HCP). Population health is the focus of C&M HCP’s five-year plan, with new priorities for improving mental health and wellbeing, and reducing CVD, harm from alcohol and levels of violence. This will mean more opportunities to promote and deliver prevention across Cheshire and Merseyside. C&M HCP’s board is also committed to a greater focus on tackling the social determinants of health and has recently agreed to develop the partnership as a Marmot community, with work aligned to Marmot principles. 

This development comes following a successful Cheshire & Merseyside Vision for Population Health Event in September 2019 at which Prof Sir Michael Marmot presented and senior leaders discussed the key prevention priorities.