Champs Public Health Collaborative, led by the Directors of Public Health, allows the nine local authority public health teams across Cheshire and Merseyside to work together with the aim of shifting local outcomes, enabling whole system leadership and maximising public health capacity.

Our outcome focused collaborative delivers a number of priorities agreed by the Cheshire & Merseyside Directors of Public Health in partnership with Public Health England and NHS England. 

The focus for 2017-18 is:

  • Improving mental health and wellbeing:
    • Suicide prevention and influencing depression care
    • Children and young people
  • Tackling high blood pressure
  • Reducing alcohol harm through licensing
  • Supporting strategic partnerships including Devolution across LCR and Cheshire and Warrington and the C&M STP
  • Maintaining safe and resilient communities

High blood pressure 

The Public Health Leads Group work on the prevention, detection and treatment of high blood pressure. An action plan ensures more people who have undiagnosed high blood pressure are identified and the quality of care improves for those with diagnosed high blood pressure, preventing strokes, heart and kidney disease.

Lead Director of Public Health, Dr Muna Abdel Aziz, Warrington Council.

Mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.

The Cheshire & Merseyside Mental Health and Wellbeing Leads Group will determine where the greatest effect can be made and will develop an action plan to improve mental health and wellbeing for children across Cheshire & Merseyside.

Lead Director of Public Health, Sandra Davies, Liverpool.


Suicide prevention
The Mental Health and Wellbeing Leads Group, the Cheshire & Merseyside Suicide Reduction Partnership Board and Network will continue to build on their nationally recognised suicide prevention work. The "NO MORE" suicide strategy for Cheshire & Merseyside and action plan along with suicide liaison service, Amparo have achieved much success and recognition.

Lead Director of Public Health, Sue Forster, St Helens.

Support Functions

Cross cutting themes including facilitating collective action, CPD and events, intelligence, communications and sector led improvement support the key collaborative priorities.

A high level expert health protection strategy group ensures a safe and resilient system and supports local authorities in their quality assurance role.

Support functions include:

  • System leadership
  • Commissioning
  • CPD
  • Intelligence
  • Sector Led Improvement
  • Health Protection
  • Communications & knowledge transfer


To find out more see our 2017-18 business plan.

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