Guidance for Practitioner application and selection

The criteria for applying is as follows:

  • Practicing @ minimum Level 5 or 6 or maximum 7 of skills for health framework
  • Minimum of 2yrs working in a Public Health Practitioner role
  • Committed to completing the programme in 12 months by March 2020
  • Minimal gaps in public health practice, based on the self-assessment tool you complete
  • Completion of the application form, self-assessment tool and provision of your current annual appraisal (or equivalent)

To apply you must complete the following:

  • Practitioner Scheme Application
  • Self-Assessment of Knowledge and Skills against the draft UKPHR practitioner standards
  • Your current annual appraisal (or equivalent)

There would also be a shortlist for a  selection interview for Cohort 1 once all applications have been reviewed. 

Further information in documents below:

Briefing note for application process

Guidance on the application process

Building your portfolio for public health practitioner registration

UKPHR - Guidance for Applicants, Assessors and Verifiers

UKPHR - Public Health Practitioner standards

UKPHR - Tips from registered practitioners

UKPHR - Example commentary from Wessex registration form

Practitioner Application forms

Practitioner Application form

Practitioner Self Assessment form*

*Please note the following when completing the Self-assessment form for your practitioner application. The function of this self-assessment is to enable you to consider whether you are ready for the NW Cohort 1. Consider three comprehensive pieces of work and supporting evidence that would enable you to demonstrate your competency within any written commentaries against the breadth of the UKPHR standards. Remember though, this self-assessment tool is not intended to be a lengthy document, or a place for starting to write potential commentaries. It’s a means of assuring yourself that you have the range of knowledge, understanding and application evidence needed to potentially support you on a practitioner registration journey.

Further Documents

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