John Hampson, Champs Lead for Medicines Management has released a summary of the latest updates to NICE guidelines. He has also highlighted some of the most noteworthy updates below:

  1. To CCGs, TA464 – Bisphosphonates for osteoporosis has been updated to clarify that the risk tool (used to calculate the individual’s 10 year risk) should be applied to the specified populations (women 65+ years and men 75+ years) only. People are eligible for treatment if they have a 10 year risk of 1% AND they are within this age-related cohort. It seems that some prescribers have (erroneously) been applying the 1% threshold to the whole population.
  2. Also of interest to CCGs is NG84- antibiotic prescribing for acute sore throat is recommending a screening tool (eg FeverPain or Centor) to identify the small proportion of patients who are likely to benefit from an antibiotic.
  3. For local authorities, NG 86 – improving experience of people in adult social care – is a major publication covering needs assessments, planning, budgets and training etc etc. Commissioners will want to read the fine detail and compare their services – a toolkit on the NICE website to do a baseline assessment is available  to help with this.  
  4. Finally, quality standard (QS) 164 on Parkinson’s disease is suggesting that patients should receive their Parkinson’s medication within a 30 minute time window. Although these quality standards are aspirational, this particular statement applies to hospitals and care homes alike who will be expected to have systems in place to ensure this target is adhered to.

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