The C&M HCP Prevention Board met on Thursday 23rd January and the key messages are below:

  1. The board are currently putting together a business case to support funding which is to be submitted before a meeting on 29th February where funding allocation will be considered. The priorities will remain the same but will also include a focus on physical activity and becoming a Marmot community. Two other key programmes will also feed updates into the prevention agenda (funding for these programmes is external): No More Suicide and Cancer Screening.
  2. It was agreed that the Terms of Reference are to be reviewed outside of the Board meeting to ensure that membership is up to date and relevant as well as covering all appropriate sectors. It was noted that it would be useful to have representatives who hold positions of influence within their field in order to feed the prevention agenda into various arenas.
  3. Eileen O’Meara suggested running a workshop in order to co-produce the HCP priorities across the life course framework with members of the Board. This was agreed by the Board and dates are to be circulated.
  4. Jon Develing gave an update on developments within CVD and blood pressure. He noted that there is now a National CVD Board which the C&M CVD Board will feed into. Consequently, the C&M CVD Board’s goals have been aligned with the National Board. There is also now a bi-monthly CVD Prevention Sub-group of the Board which has integrated the Happy Hearts website steering group and will work towards the national ambitions for CVD and co-ordinating a whole system approach.
  5. The Health Equalities group presented an update on the prevention pledge. Work has been underway on senior leader consultations, preparation of an evidence briefing and three consultation workshops. There was a message of thanks to Anthony Duffy, Gavin Flatt and May Moonan for their assistance in co-ordinating the workshops. There was an ask from the Board for assistance in getting senior stakeholder buy in and for the pilot to be extended from 3 months to 6 months in order to get meaningful feedback. This was agreed by the Board and Jon Develing offered to take the proposal to the Acute Sustainability Board as well as helping to feed this work into the work on becoming a Marmot Community.
  6. Eileen O’Meara presented a paper which was taken to the HCP Senior Management Board (SMB) to ratify C&M becoming a Marmot Community, following the C&M Vision for Population Health event in September 2019. This was approved by SMB and is now being presented to each Health and Wellbeing board for approval before being taken to Senior Management Teams in local authorities for final sign off.
  7. Kerry Stewart, MSP and Roger Elliot, Active Cheshire reported that the collaboration between the two organisations is progressing well and they are organising a Physical Activity Sub-group and looking for expressions of interest from potential participants. There was an ask of the Board to promote EOI to relevant parties, as they are hoping for a broad ranging membership.
  8. Ravi Menghani updated on the alcohol harm workstream. New guidance has been released from NHSE regarding Alcohol Care Team Optimisation and there is the same funding available related to this. Work is currently being undertaken alongside ACTs to ensure they are ready for when further funding is available. Work continues on the development of a dashboard and getting a consistent IBA across C&M. Five fibroscanners have been rolled out in a mix of settings and within 6 local authorities. The second phase of this project, starting mid-2020, will deliver to the remaining local authorities.
  9. Lucia Scally and Rajesh Rajendran gave an update on AMR. The single formulary is progressing at pace and there was discussion around how this is made available to practitioners. The VR AMR learning scenarios are now in post-production and work is nearing completion. A pilot test is planned for the end of Feb/early March with roll out scheduled for April. The Board agreed for the action plan to be made a working document.
  10. Elspeth Anwar gave an update on personalised care. C&M has received £70k funding from NHSE to become a person-centred site and there is a clear operating plan and metrics which each place needs to achieve in relation to this money.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 26th March 2020.