The Cheshire & Merseyside (C&M) Health & Care Partnership (HCP) Prevention Board met on Thursday 23rd May and discussed the following items:

  1. Health and Care (HCP) Prevention at Scale Implementation Plan – Chris McBrien, Public Health Speciality Registrar, Knowsley Council and Helen Cartwright, Head of Commissioning and Mobilisation, Champs Support Team, gave an update on progress with implementation and the Prevention Board approved a performance framework to monitor progress.
  2. Prevention pledge proposal endorsed – Chris McBrien, Public Health Speciality Registrar, Knowsley Council and Dr Mel Roche, Public Health Consultant, Champs Support Team, met with Matthew Philpott from the Health Equalities Group, who has created a proposal for the delivery of the prevention pledge. The board endorsed the full package and agreed that a piece of work would be conducted to identify which 4 prevention priorities to focus on initially.
  3. Personalised Care – Pritti Mehta and Wazir Muhammad from NHS England and NHS Improvement gave an overview of personalised care - care which is designed to empower people, including social prescribing. Support was offered from NHSE for the delivery of Personalised Care in C&M, including funding of £50k and Wazir Muhammad as a point of contact for ongoing help and support. It was agreed that all of C&M will be part of this integration of personalised care programme.
  4. Liver scanner trial update – Simon Bell, Public Health Commissioning Manager, Halton Council and Dr Matthew Saunders, Public Health Speciality Registrar, Wirral Council, gave an update on the alcohol harm trial to deliver liver scans outside of clinical settings. There will be five machines to be placed in various locations. The project will last for two years and it is hoped that it will be an opportunity to open up conversations around alcohol, with the potential for media promotion. Further work is to be conducted on ensuring delivery is seamless.
  5. Suicide Prevention update – Pat Nicholl, Mental Wellbeing Lead, Champs Support Team, gave an overview of the work to date on Suicide Prevention and the NO MORE Suicide Strategy, including the successful implementation of real time surveillance. The NO MORE Suicide Partnership Board has recently gained £600,000 funding for suicide prevention from NHS England, which will contribute towards work on self-harm, middle aged men, quality improvement within mental health trusts, primary care, workforce development and lived experience.
  6. Pharmacy update – Hassan Argomandkhah, Chair of the Pharmacy Local Professional Network, NHS England, gave an update on community pharmacy, including confirming that there have been 3,308 BP measurements in total as part of the BHF round 1 project. 210 Healthy Living Pharmacies have been successfully recruited for round 2. The pharmacy contract has also been updated to include a pathway for existing high blood pressure to assist patients with medicine optimisation.
  7. BHF Project delivers 10,000 BP checks – Helen Cartwright, Head of Commissioning and Mobilisation, Champs Support Team, highlighted the great work being conducted as part of the BHF project overall. At a recent national meeting for the project figures were presented showing Cheshire & Merseyside had completed 10,000 checks and the total for the project nationally was 20,000.
  8. Engagement Events – A number of workshops are planned to assist with creation of the five year plan, which Eileen O’Meara, Co-Chair, encouraged the board to attend.

The next meeting will take place on the 25th July 2019.