The Cheshire & Mersyside (C&M) Health & Care Partnership (HCP) Prevention Board met on Thursday 25th July and discussed the following items:

  1. Community Pharmacy Blood Pressure check update - Hassan Argomandkhah, Chair of the Pharmacy Local Professional Network, NHS England, gave an update on BP checks in community pharmacies. Through the first round of BHF funding there have been over 3600 blood pressure (BP) checks completed by 116 Healthy Living Pharmacies (HLP’s). More recently an enhanced service in pharmacy has been commissioned which now has a pathway for known hypertensives including medicines management. 68 pharmacies have now signed this new contract. Through the second round of BHF funding 122 more HLP’s have been trained and 88 Boots pharmacies are being trained.

  2. C&M Prevention Pledge update – Richard Glenn-Dinning from the Health Equalities Group, who have been commissioned to lead the delivery of the prevention pledge gave an update on the four theme areas which have been chosen for the pledge. These will be tobacco, diet, physical activity and alcohol, all supported by MECC as the overarching vehicle for delivery. The Board endorsed these priorities and suggested that it would be useful to consider how to tie in mental health and wider determinants.

  3. Faculty of Public Health Discussion paper on the role of the NHS in Prevention was highlighted – A recently released paper on the role of the NHS in Prevention was highlighted to the board by Mel Roche, Blood Pressure Lead, Champs Support Team. It was noted that in many ways C&M are already delivering on some of the specified criteria regarding ‘what good looks like in terms of prevention’ eg. a system approach and MECC, but there is still room for development eg. reducing inequalities and the NHS’s role.

  4. Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) Virtual Reality Project update – Chris McBrien, Public Health Speciality Registrar, presented an update on the virtual reality training around AMR. Lucia Scally will be supporting the work for the next couple of months until a project manager is appointed. PHE have come up with 5 scenarios for training purposes – simple UTI, sepsis, cough, sore throat and recurrent UTI. Options for procurement of a service are currently being considered.

  5. Liver scanner pilot project update – Simon Bell, Public Health Commissioner, Halton Council, presented an update on the Fibro scan liver scanning pilot project. Matt Saunders who was leading on the project has now left and Simon will cover in the interim until a lead is recruited. A request for expressions of interest was put out to the system and seven organisations came back. All seven will be taken on initially with each having differing plans for the number of scanners they will use and time periods. A second round of expressions of interest will open once the first are up and running. Scanners are to be delivered to organisations in the next couple of months ready for use from September.

  6. Programme implementation plan and performance framework Helen Cartwright, Head of Commissioning and Mobilisation, Champs Support Team, presented the implementation plan showing the detailed delivery required behind the programmes of work for the HCP funding. The performance dashboard which is aligned to this gives a high level overview of how projects are progressing. Jon Develing thanked Helen for producing this and said it would be useful for tracking progress.

  7. AMR Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) to be appointed – Jon Develing, presented a letter from NHS Improvement & NHS England with a request for the appointment of an SRO for AMR from each STP or ICS to oversee implementation and delivery of a systemwide AMR strategy and drive improvement.  Eileen O’Meara and Jon Develing are to nominate a microbiologist for the role.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 26th September