The Cheshire & Merseyside (C&M) Directors of Public Health (DsPH) met for their system leadership meeting on Friday 19 July and the following items were discussed:

  1. C&W DsPH met with Kath O’ Dwyer, lead C&W CEO, 16/07 – DsPH discussed key strategic issues across the sub-region and updated Kath on progress re collaborative priority areas including the latest Sheffield MUP research, with a recommendation to develop shared briefing papers/events for elected members
  2. C&W Local Industrial Strategy - C&W Public Sector Transformation Board have produced a People Policy Position paper with support from DsPH and Helen Bromley from CWAC
  3. LCR DsPH met with Mike Palin, lead LCR CEO, 7/06 – Mike has recently taken the lead role and DsPH discussed future joint working including collaboration with the Combined Authority/LCR portfolio leads/DASS/LEP and the C&M Health Care Partnership
  4. LCR Wealth and Wellbeing – Matt Ashton updated on the successful workshops, the completed evidence review which is shortly to be released. The development of a public and system wide narrative is being commissioned imminently
  5. LGA SLI Workshop with Champs DsPH and senior leaders – DsPH approved the key actions including: the development of a new C&M Outcomes Framework and pilot, plus communicating the successful impact of the system wide work on blood pressure, as C&M now bucks the regional trend in relation to Ischaemic Heart Disease
  6. New C&M Cancer Alliance Screening programme in partnership with Champs Collaborative – Gemma Hockenhull updated DsPH on the new programme which has received £1.2M of external funding and will include an innovative text message alert system for cervical screening and a community engagement programme for non-responders to breast and bowel screening
  7. NW Practitioner Scheme update– DsPH received an update on the successful programme from the lead, Lucia Scally, and also from Shane Knott on his experience as a programme participant. More assessors and verifiers are required and there is a waiting list for the next cohort.
  8. C&M sexual health programme – Simon Bell updated DsPH and a shared specification has been developed by commissioners. Further work is in progress on workforce, enabled by LWAB monies, and also on understanding patient flows and agreeing financial arrangements across C&M

Good news and gratitude:

  • DsPH bid a fond farewell to Fiona Reynolds and thanked her for her excellent strategic working, including chairing the Board, and peer support
  • CWAC and St Helens have featured as exemplars of good practice in a LGA report on Health and Wellbeing Boards