Cheshire & Merseyside (C&M) have worked collaboratively to create a public facing Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) prevention website which was launched this week alongside the Know Your Numbers Week high blood pressure campaign. The project arose after the NHS RightCare Hot Housing Scheme identified C&M as an Health and Care Partnership (HCP) region where blood pressure and CVD prevention work-streams had reached a level of maturity, at which, it could benefit from a localised version of the ‘Healthy Hearts’ websites designed for Bradford and York. This is the first time that such a website has been established for a larger footprint area.

The website has been rapidly co-developed and launched by a number of stakeholders after a workshop was held to establish whether it would be a beneficial venture for the region. There was widespread agreement that a C&M CVD prevention website could greatly support both public and professional-facing communications and engagement.

A steering group was set up to manage the project which included members of C&M Health & Care Partnership, PHE, representation from a number of CVD and health partners and members of the Champs Public Health Collaborative support team.

To align with the British Heart Foundation funded ‘Conversational Tool’ which is being piloted in healthy living pharmacies with members of the public to encourage uptake of free blood pressure checks, the branding for the website was changed, from the ‘Healthy Hearts’ branding in Bradford and York, to become ‘Happy Hearts’.  This will be the new brand for C&M on heart health and it is hoped that this will become recognisable and trusted by members of the public.

The website will provide a central point of focus for all CVD prevention work within C&M, both as a professional and public facing resource. The website will continue to be populated and updated over the coming months, with the aim that it will become the first port of call for local members of the public, looking for information on prevention of CVD, cholesterol, atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure.

You can visit the Happy Hearts website here