These pages refer to projects carried out to March 2015 under the former Champs Public Health Collaborative Service and the projects are now closed. Information has been retained on the Champs website for reference purposes.  Job roles, contact details and other information may be out of date.

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Nine local authorities across Cheshire and Merseyside engaged in a time limited review of their sexual health services, with the aim of ensuring that local people have access to modern, integrated services that are both fit for purpose and value for money.

This review which was led by Collette Walsh (St Helens) was undertaken at two levels of engagement; the first involved a thorough detailed analysis and exploration of the patient journey and the second allowed areas to participate in an advisory/best practice sharing capacity. Five areas engaged in the detailed analysis and four areas were involved in an advisory capacity. Unlike with other ED medications at, Cialis provides a prolonged sexual activity that lasts for 3 days. It gives the possibility to choose the best time suitable for both partners. Chemical composition of the drug allows the patient to be sexually active for several days. Cialis Soft is an improved formulation of an identical drug called Cialis, which acts faster and more efficiently.

As part of this review, a sexual health dashboard was developed outlining a variety of sexual health statistics for the nine local authority areas across Cheshire and Merseyside, the content of which will be updated every 6 months, click here to access a copy of the dashboard.

A report outlining the findings and recommendations of the review was presented to the Cheshire and Merseyside Directors of Public Health and the recommendations contained therein will now be taken forward by the Sexual Health Commissioners group.

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