This page provides current cohort Practitioners with information to support achieving the completion of their retrospective portfolio, which evidences their Knowledge, Understanding and Application in practice of the 34 UKPHR practitioner standards.

Cohort Calendar

Practitioner Calendar of Events

Documents for Scheme Coordinator and your Assessor

Practitioner & Assessor Commentary Agreement

Practitioner Learning Contract

Commentary Writing

UKPHR - Tips from registered practitioners

UKPHR - Example commentary from Wessex registration form

Portfolio Development

Building your portfolio for public health practitioner registration

Final Portfolio information needed - to be added during the cohort

E-Portfolio Video & Practitioner Guide

Practitioner Programme E-portfolio - Logging in for the first time  

E-portfolio guide for Practitioners

Registration with UKPHR

UKPHR application form for registration as a public health practitioner

Useful Resources for the Cohort

Public Health Ethics in Practice

Beauchamp and Childress Four Principles of medical ethics

UK Clinical Ethic Network 

FPH Practitioner Masterclass Programme 2019 - Programme Handbook

All Our Health Framework

Useful websites

PHE Local Authority Health Profiles

PHE Public Health Outcomes Framework

PHE Public Health Dashboard

Registration and CPD

UKPHR Registration