The Cheshire Merseyside Suicide Prevention Network CMSPN was formed in 2008 to seek greater co-ordination of responses to and understanding of patterns of suicide. With the reshaping of the public sector in April 2013 the Directors of Public Health (DsPH) firmly aligned the Cheshire Merseyside Suicide Reduction Network (CHMSRN) within Champs Public Health Collaborative.

The CMSPN consists of four components: a Programme Board, an Operational Group, Local Suicide Prevention Groups, and a Stakeholder Network. The four components take an integrated approach to a strategic direction and the systematic implementation of action plans and robust provision of effective prevention, treatment and crisis services.

The Programme Board provides advocacy, expertise and guidance, gaining commitment at a senior level to suicide reduction and enabling integrated provision across organisations. It is developing the strategic vision and ambitions for suicide reduction across the sub-region.

The Operational Group implements and develops shared action plans across the sub-region, acting jointly and collaboratively to provide greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Local Suicide Prevention Groups are mobilising local partners to implement actions tailored to their particular locality.

The Stakeholder Network is brought together for the Annual Summit of Cheshire Merseyside Suicide Reduction and consists of local activists, key organisations and individuals who make a valuable contribution to the Network.

A dedicated news update is produced following the Programme Board meetings. Click here to read the latest version.

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